This tradition is celebrated every 27th of Rajab by the people who live around the foot of Mount Bintan. This tradition emerged since 1943 or coincide with the Japanese colonial era. During the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, not least Bintan youths were taken to perform forced labor. Bintan young men had taken the Japanese army to Thailand to work there. Satisfied bear longing earlier, the relatives in Bintan vow (intention), later when people are brought Japan was back safely, then they will make a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Patriarchs in Bukit Batu. Not just the pilgrimage, they also promised to bring Pulut (glutinous rice) Yellow and grain eggs and various ornaments. Prayer was answered. Finally those who missed any home, up to the local community flocked to fulfill his vow to the Tomb of Bukit Batu.

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