Yellow Beautiful Siger Tower Lampung in Lampung – Indonesia

In Lampung, there are beautiful building that represents the culture of the tower Siger Lampung. Siger Tower, The landmark of Lampung, is located in the District Bakauheni, South Lampung regency.

This yellow beautiful building it is also a zero point where Lampung Sumatra highway as a gateway from eastern Sumatra. The building stands on a hill near the beautiful Bakauheni highly strategic port as a transit and tourist attractions.

Siger tower is not a monument of the past but rather a symbol of the future of the building society representation phenomenon Lampung. A bright yellow tower can be seen from a distance when the vessel will be docked at the Port of Bakauheni. In fact you can see it both mornings and dark nights as there are spotlights lighting tower once used by ships docking at Bakauheni.

Many visitors enjoy this beautiful tower with take some picture or selfie in this location. Siger tower continues to recognize the lovers of both domestic and foreign tourists. Unique shape of the building is shaped crown typical traditional bride Lampung. This place is also regularly displays various types of activities and the performing arts. Even on a Saturday night show both the art and culture of the Javanese, Batak, Lampung, and Sundanese Banten. Siger tower not only became an icon of tourism Lampung but a religious symbol, arts and culture, education as well.

Siger tower was inaugurated on April 30, 2008 by the Governor of Lampung Sjachroedin ZP designed by renowned architect Ir. Ansori Djausal in 2005 on a hill in Bakauheni. Form of the building is inspired by characteristic Lampung, the crown Siger.

Siger tower building architecture also includes other forms of traditional native Lampung is paguk on the left and right tower as a symbol of the boat. At the top of the tower there is an umbrella three colors of white, yellow, and red as a symbol of social order Lampung. The tower that carries the traditional culture as well as landmark Lampung Bakauheni region. Dimension Siger tower has a height of 32 meters, 50 meters long, 10 meters wide, and the fifth floor level.

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