WR. Soepratman Museum

When he live in Makassar, Supratman had studied music from his brother in-laws named Willem Van Eldik, so that he clever to played violin and then he can compose song. When living in Jakarta, once upon a time he read a composition in Timbul magazine. The composition writer invited the Indonesia music experts to create the national anthem.

In October 1928 in Jakarta, there was passed off a Youngster Congress. The congress had borne ‘Sumpah Pemuda’. At congress closing night, on 28 Octobers 1928, Supratman sound off his creation song instrumentally in front of the public participant. At that time is for the first time of Great Indonesia song is echoed publicly. All which presents is surprised to hear it. Swiftly the song had known among national movement. If the political organization performed a congress, hence Great Indonesia song is always warbled. The song is materialization of association desire to independence.

He ever built music group which stream jazz called Black and white until 1924. He went to Surabaya and Bandung become newspaper correspondence of “Kaoem Moeda”.

By 28 Octobers 1928, performed a Second Youngster Congress with result of young man oath that confessed one fatherland, one nation, one Indonesians. In that congress had warbled by Great Indonesia song and accompanied by friction of WR Soepratman violin.

7th Augusts 1938, (Sunday) Indonesia Scout had sung Rising Indonesia song in NIROM Embong Malang Street Surabaya. Passed away in Mangga Street 21 Surabaya
The effect of create the Great Indonesia song, he always hunted by the side of Dutch Indies Police and caused fall sick in Surabaya. Because his last creation song “Matahari Terbit” in the early of 7 Augusts 1938, he is caught when he broadcasting the song with the guides in NIROM Embong Malang street, Surabaya and jailed in Kalisosok Surabaya, and then die in 17 Augusts 1938 on Wednesdays buried in Kapasan graveyard.

Some of his creation songs:
The Nationality of Great Indonesia (Indonesia Raya)
Bendera kita merah putih
Matahari Terbit
Ibu Kita Kartini
Mars Kepandoen Bangsa Indonesia

On 26 Junes 1958, The Government Regulation 44, had declared Indonesia Raya as Republic of Indonesia National Anthem
10 Novembers 1971 Appreciations of National Warrior
19 Junes 1974 Appreciations of Main Mahaputra Star

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