White Sand Beach, or Pantai Pasir Putih, in Indonesian truly describes the atmosphere. The enticing white sand refreshes the eyes and feeds the soul with the burning energy to explore. Only 20 kilometers away from Bandar Lampung, this spot has gained more and more popularity these days.

Pasir Putih is not actually the best beach in Lampung, but it’s definitely one of the Bandar Lampung people’s favorite places for recreation. Though “Pasir Putih” literally means “white sand”, the sand here is not so white. Take a boat to cross to Condong Island and you’ll see whiter sand. 

Besides the beautiful white sandy beach that you can also swim and row. You can also pay a visit to the islands nearest to the boat motor. Across the Pasir Putih beach, shady trees are planted to cover the tourists after they feel like getting enough sun from walking down the beach. The water is clean and fresh to bath and play in, and the white sand gives peace to the tourists. This place is perfect for spending holiday. Besides the treat above, in the afternoon, the tourists can watch the sunset. If tourists want to watch the coral and sea creatures, they can swim until certain border or use motor boat until the middle part. This place has amazing kinds of fish, coral reef, and sea plants.


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