White Mountain


White Mountain is one of the villages in the district of Tanjung Palas , Bulungan , North Borneo , Indonesia. Many people who say there is no taste stepped Bulungan if you have not been to this one tourist attraction. White Mountain is this name, a famous tourist attraction in the district of Bulungan, and indeed many people who come to visit this place. This place is Gunungan Kapur is an important icon for Tanjung Palas who in his time used to be the capital of one of the most powerful empire in the north eastern Kalimantan.

Called the white mountain because the mountain is a white limestone mountain very beautiful with natural reliefs carved like an artist. White Mountains is one of the most visited places just unwind. The beauty of the white mountain is very natural. We were treated to scenic beauty remedy the eye, there is a small river side of the mountain, then rocks the size is quite large and pleasant green scenery. To get to the top of the mountain, we can get through the bumps stairs fairly long, and quite tiring, but for fans of this very pleasant hiking trip. After arriving on the terrace mountain, then we will get a view of the exotic nature with the cool air.

We can enjoy the view while lounging on rocks gudukan large enough, there are also two main points at visit people in the white mountain, which is the peak of the highest mountain. From up there we could see the expanse of housing residents, usually nature lovers will not pass through the beautiful moments. Another point which is also worth visiting is the underground cave located behind the mountain slopes. To get there may be about 10 to 15 minutes on the terrace of the mountain, we can the way around the mountain to be able to see the beautiful sights for visitors, because of the side of the mountain is not much touched by human hands, so that adds to the beauty of the scenery below.

The streets were already disemenisasi increasingly pamper visitors to enjoy the beauty of the natural slope of the mountain still. A pleasant experience to go to this place because we feel very close to nature and to enjoy all the beauty that is very natural. So local residents said this is true, yet it feels fitting to come to Bulungan if you have not set foot into this place.

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