Wayang Wong

wayang_wong.jpgThe name of Wayang Wong is taken from words Wayang and Wong. The word Wayang means puppet and Wong  means human, so Wayang Wong means humans portraying as puppets. Wayang Wong looks like a Mask Dance. The dancers use masks which reflect characters in its story. In this dance, there are conversations among the characters. The difference between Mask Dance and Wayang Wong is about the story told. Unlike Mask Dance which mostly takes a story about history of a ceremony, Wayang Wong takes it story from the Babad just like Wayang Kulit. It also takes stories from the Ramayana and Mahabarata. Wayang Wong is rarely performed because it can only be performed by special dancers. The dancers are chosen by local priests through a ritual. The famous villages which perform Wayang Wong regularly are Tejakula (district of Singaraja), Sukawati & Mas (district of Gianayar), Marga (district of Tabanan), and Bualu (Badung).

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