Wayang Thengul

wayang-thengul.jpgThengul Puppet is Bojonegoro typical puppet in 3 dimension form and accompanied by the Javanese instrument (Gamelan) named Pelog / Slendro. Even though, this Thengul Puppet are seldom to show, but its existence is always take carefull in Bojonegoro regency, especially in Kanor district that about 40 km of Bojonegoro city. Otherwise, the story of this puppet is taking from ‘Menak’ story.

Bojonegoro regency is also rich for the crafting. Souvenir crafting of Rendeng village, Malo district, about 25 km of Bojonegoro city, is very famous to the tourists. To reach the location, it can reach with two-wheel vehicle or four-wheel vehicle. The crafting are saving box formed tiger, cow, rabbit, etc. While the statue crafting that located in Banaran village, Malo district such as; cow statue, deer statue, rabbit statue, etc.

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