Waterfall Way Lalaan a multilevel waterfall at a distance from each other about 200 meters, derived from Way Lalaan stream empties into the Gulf of Watermelon. It is located in the Mount Tanggamus with a distance of 2 km from the center of the Regency Tanggamus or 80 km from Bandar Lampung. This waterfall has been known since 1937, ie in the days of Dutch colonial rule that have made concrete steps towards the valley of the waterfalls. The facilities available are selter, dressing room, prayer room, and the parking lot. This location is in foot Valley of Tanggamus Mountain which just 2 Km from the Central Government of Tanggamus region or 80 Km from Bandar Lampung. This waterfall was unknowable since 1937 in Dutch Colonial Government, which make the cement ladder to waterfall valley. The facilities available are shelter, fitting room and park area.

Driving at a moderate pace, 15 minutes of arrival at Stone Sacred Way Pekon Lalaan. Entrance 100 m from the left side of the road waterfall attraction tirta Way Lalaan worth a visit. Waterfalls spill from a height of 11 m to create the sound of a faint rumbling sound from the start of the stairs go down along the road 75 m. When looked at from the top of a little horrified that I had to go down to the bottom. Not about the fall but about rising later. But after taking over handbag Valdi and patted my shoulder giving spirit seems to be no reason to bercengeng ria. By encouraging steps that was originally built by the Dutch government I explore one by one . Rising kumaha engke lah . What else has heard the pounding of the water crashing down. Odd flutter echoes rise to feelings. Plus the rain had just ended a forest smells evaporate into the air. So do not promise to wait deh when alone at the end of the stairs.


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