Way Besai Rafting, Lampung

Government of West Lampung regency, Lampung Province, to develop the tourism sector into one of the objectives of regional development programs for domestic and foreign tourists.

One of these natural attractions on offer whitewater rafting river in the path of government Besay Way, District Sumberjaya.

“Path Way Besay river with high levels of difficulty and challenge is perfect for adventurous travelers swift current of the river,” said the Head of Tourism and Culture of West Lampung regency, Hudaibi, in Liwa, Monday (5/12).

According to him, most of the state of rivers in this area is adequate to serve kawasaan white water rafting. “River Flows in West Lampung quite extreme and ranked second from the river contained Lampung Province,” he added.

In addition, he continued, the department of Tourism and Culture of West Lampung also plans to develop a more adventurous tourist sites are on four points in the region.

“For the adventurous, especially for lovers of sports hobbies swift current, I guarantee Besay River Way will satisfy you with wading jeramnya hobby,” he said.

West Lampung province was known as one million in the country with great natural potential, good farming, agriculture, and tourism.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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