Watu Pinawetengan

Getting Around
When visiting this tourist site, you will see mountains and large rice fields with cows and horses in green savannas on the left and right sides of the street.
When entering this Watu Pinawetengan, which means ‘The Stone of discussion about the division’, you must take off your footwear, because it is believed that this place still has its magical religious side. Therefore, many local people and tourists visit this site to pray to God. Even some foreigners often come here to perform certain rituals such as asking for recovery, and protection and perform rituals to thank God for what they have.
About 100 meters from this stone, you can walk down the stairs behind the stone and find a spring. Water from this spring is potable.

Getting There
This megalithic stone is located in Pinabetengan village, Minahasa district, which is accessible by private cars and public transportations. You can take a bus from Karombasan bus station. If you use a rented car, you can take Tomohon way toward the south i.e., to Kawangkoan.
From Kawangkoan, you can take a motor taxi to take you to the location, which is located about 2 kilometers away. This tourist object has a narrow access with sharp turnings. Therefore, you should be careful when driving your car.

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