Wartawan Beach, A Unique Beach in South Lampung

Wartawan Beach, It is located in Lampung province and has its own uniqueness compared to the beaches in general, because there are also hot springs located at Wartawan Beach.

The name of this beach is quite unique. According to the people’s story, it is named Wartawan Beach, because this resort was previously managed by a group of local residents who worked as journalists. This beach is located in Way Muli village, Rajabasa subdistrict, South Lampung regency. This beach is located right in the narrow area between the ring road and Rajabasa Mountain and sea. The access to the Wartawan beach is easy because the highway to get there is good enough. From Bakauheni port the distance is about 31 kilometers. You could reach there by using a private vehicle or public transportation.

Arriving at Wartawan Beach, you can enjoy a very beautiful stretch of beach complete with blue sea water and the panorama of the islands around it, including a view of Mount Krakatau. This beach is perfect for swimming and bathing because there are also hot springs mixed with sea water. The hot springs in the Wartawan Beach could make anything inserted into it to boil, as the heat can reach 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. The hot spring is unique because although it is mixed with sea water but is is not salty. In addition toits uniqueness, the hot springs also has benefits for the body, because it can cure skin diseases and rheumatism. To be able to enjoy the uniqueness of the hot springs, please come when the low tide in the morning or evening. At other time, the points of hot water can be seen because it is covered by the high tide.

When tracking down the hot springs in the Wartawan beach, you have to careful. Do not get splashed, because the location of the hot spring is scattered and can appear at any time. Do not try dipping your feet or hands to the hot springs because the water temperature is very hot. Besides it has hot springs, the Wartawan beach also has Botak Mount. From the top of a 50 meters highhill, you can see the panorama and beauty of Wartawan beach and its surrounding. Wartawan beach also has facilities such as bathing rooms, toilets, restaurants, and cottages on the slopes of the mountain in the north coast.

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