Wanawisata Forest

Getting Around

Wanawisata is usually used as a site for tracking or jogging for those who love the nature. You could walk around in groups and see various types of trees in Wanawisata Forest.

To Do

Wanawisata Forest is situated 300 to 400 meters away from Soekarno Hatta street, km 10. Its gravel access provides challenges when entering this area. Its shady trees provide cool environment. In addition to a collection of endangered species of local trees, Wanawisata can also be used to hold various group events. A spacious hall is provided in this area.

For families, Wanawisata provides interesting playground with various children games. In addition to Sambar deer, visitors can now see monkeys in cages near the playground. These monkeys are very attractive as they perform various actions when they see visitors.

An open field in the middle of the forest can be used for football or camping area for nature lovers.

To Stay

Wanawisata Forest is situated at Balikpapan-Samarinda trans road. You can pick a nearby hotel in Pandansari, Balikpapan.

To Eat

We will not find any stall selling food or drink within Wanawisata Forest.

To Buy

No specific souvenirs is sold within Wanawisata Forest.


Many visitors come to Wanawisata Forest during weekends and public holidays. Please don’t forget to bring along foods and drinks and mats to sit when you plan to picnic in an open air with your family.

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