Various magical performances will be present at the Meratus Dayak Festival in 2020


In general, the Dayak community in Balangan has various types of dances, and some are sacred. Call it the Gintur Dadas Dance and the Mandau Dance, which are believed to be able to bring ancestral spirits. After reciting the mantra by Balian, the dance was then performed with the beat of afoot. While the accompanying music Babun and Kanung. Some magical attractions typical of the Dayak tribe have also been prepared by the Meratus Dayak Festival 2020.

There are attractions to climb the Manau Tree, Bathing Fire, and Thorns, to Chopsticks Attraction. In addition to the cultural festival, this event will also hold various traditional sports competitions. Meratus Dayak tribe does have some traditional sports that are preserved until now.

Meanwhile, Head of the Balangan District Tourism Office Rody Rahmadi Noor said, the Meratus Dayak Festival in 2020 is very thick with Dayak nuances. “Various Dayak traditions and culture will be displayed attractively through various festival content. However, this festival is also a part of tourism branding, “he said, Monday (02/10/2020). Related to the agenda of the event, he said there were many miracles offered by the Meratus Dayak Festival in 2020. According to him, some were indeed dense with spiritual nuances and great philosophies that surrounded him. “We hope that it will all become new knowledge for tourists,” said Rody.

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