UNESCO Recognizes ‘ANGKLUNG’ As World Heritage

UNESCO, THE UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has recognized “Angklung” the Indonesian bamboo musical instrument and music as “World Heritage”, after this world body’s recognition of Batik, the Wayang puppet and the Keris dagger as  uniquely Indonesian, said Wardiyatmo, Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as reported by Antara. UNESCO’s official announcement to include “Angklung” in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity will take place on 18 November 2010. Angklung is the bamboo musical instrument of West Java, where each instrument when shaken produces a specific tone. An entire set played by a group of people can produce beautiful music together. UNESCO has recognized a total of 890 world sites, said Wardiyatmo, in which 689 are in cultural heritage, 176 are natural heritage, and 25 are a blend of culture and natural heritage. Of these, Indonesia has thus far attained 11 sites, with 4 in natural world heritage, 3 in cultural heritage, and 4 in intangible heritage.

Four recognized  in Indonesia as World Heritage in Nature are the Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten, the Komodo National Park in East Nusatenggara, theLorentz National Park – South East Asia’s largest protected area – in Papua, and the tropical Rainforests of Sumatra, that include the Mount Leuser National Park, theKerinci Seblat National Park and the Bukit Barisan. While UNESCO recognized Cultural World Heritage sites are the Borobudur temple, and the Prambanan templecomplexes, in Central Java and Yogyakarta,  both recognized in 1991, as well as the prehistoric site of Sangiran also in Central Java. While UNESCO recognized Intangible World Cultural Heritage of Indonesia are the Wayang (2003), the Keris (2005), Batik (2009), to be followed by the Angklung instrument and music in 2010.

Source : Lion Mag

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