Um Island

Getting Around

It will not take a long time to travel around Um Island. You can walk along the beach for about 15 minutes or by a longboat. {mospagebreak}

To Do

In this island, we can see the activities of seagulls and bats. The most interesting thing is when you see thousands of seagulls and bats flying in turn to find food.

In addition, you should not miss the beauty of white beach in this island.

To Stay

This island is not occupied so there is no place to stay. If you wish to visit this island, you can stay in hotels in Sorong.

To Eat

No food stalls in this island. It is best for you to prepare your food from Sorong before visiting this island.

To Buy

This island has no shop selling souvenirs.


When you rent a longboat, please choose one with balancing wings so as to reduce the possibility of losing its balance when hit by waves.

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