Ulen Sentalu Museum


Ulen Sentalu Museum is a museum of arts and crafts located around 28 KM North of the Keraton, on Kaliurang Street. The collections are mostly contributed by the royal family of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and the Surakarta Sulatanate. There are various collections of high quality batiks, and also artifacts that belonged to relatives of the Sultan in the past.
The building of the complex are architecturally designed and built from local stone, sheltered by trees and featuring walkways overwater, large courtyard spaces and gardens. The Ullen Sentalu Museum is currently owned privately by Thomas Haryonagoro, a retired business man who expressed his immense love and appreciation of his own culture by investing his savings in this homage to the traditions of Java. It is a ‘labor of love’ – not making a profit, but not necessarily intended to. He wants to give something back to Java, the land of his birth, the homeland he loves. Thomas also has hopes that he can interest schools in bringing students to the museum to study and learn about the richness of Javanese culture.
In the museum, you can see historical photographs of the palace as well as other interesting images of people and events during the colonial era. There are various artifacts, and many oil paintings, including painted portraits of various sultans and also their wives. Carefully displayed in glass cabinets are the actual items of clothing being worn in the portraits.

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