Ujungan Tradition

ujungan_artikel7.jpgTradition could be just giving the other colors in each cycle of life. Just as there is a tradition in the area Banyumas, Central Java, occurs when the long dry season. People there will do a ceremony called ujungan., A fact which encourages people to do this ritual, because the majority of Banyumas as farmers and ranchers. When dry season comes, they automatically desperately need water to wet rice fields and watered livestock such as cattle, buffalo, goat, and so forth.

This ritual ceremony in pengejawan-resistance is a result of the representation of martial arts, which is then implemented with a pair of fights at the adult males using equipment such as rattan as a tool. They believe by doing rituals ujungan will accelerate the fall rain. For that players must reproduce ujungan punches on his opponent to bleed. Because in their view a
more and more blood came out, there is a belief rain will fall faster. Tradition held on prey vessel (fourth) and Ben (fifth) in the dry season. As one condition, participants were adult men who have the ability to withstand the pain of caned as well as during an impact with the opponent.

According to public confidence Banyumas in particular, the tradition of this ujungan appear before the Dutch came and occupied this archipelago. At that time, the purpose of convening ujungan tradition is to beg or ask for rain to God the giver Rezeki. But the Dutch era, the tradition of community ujungan Banyumas then used as a means of self-defense exercises in order to foster the mental and physical fighters, especially in the fight against invaders. This tradition eventually contribute (more or less) gave birth to the fighters of the nation. In the era of the 1950s, the tradition evolved as a forum ujungan then search the martial warriors. Anyone who can win in this battle ujungan, the social status will rise and become prominent in their environment. For this reason many people are interested in becoming a player ujungan, both of Banyumas and other areas in the vicinity. Even this tradition also enthused by the martial arts warriors from the Batavia area, Tanjung Priok, Cakung, Tambun, Cikarang, and others.

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