Aceh has many beautiful beaches and one of them is the beach Ujoeng Batee (edge of the stone). Beaches Ujoeng Batee located not far from the city of Banda Aceh, just 20 minutes can be reached by private vehicles, public transport vehicles were passing this beach location.

Ujoeng Batee beach has black sand, different from the Lampuuk beach. Sand is often used by travelers as a therapeutic community and paralysis and bone disease. The black sand beach ujoeng Batee also very good for skin health. Having been spoiled by the ocean waves and beautiful and the water is cool, you can lie down and bury the bodies to the extent of the neck with black sand. Remarkable properties, your body will feel fresh again.

At some point end Batee beaches stretching can still see the remains of the fort Indra Parta already submerged sea water. This could be a main attraction for tourists to commemorate the history of the people of Aceh reversing the Dutch on the coast.

Ujoeng Batee tend crowded in the morning, and the gentle rolling waves following each other but relatively calm. While in the afternoon, the waves have started to swell. It is suitable if the beach ujoeng Batee visited in the morning with family, relatives and friends

Enjoying the morning sun while relaxing in the shade of some trees that still survive from the beach brunt of the tsunami two years ago, was reassuring. The wind is breezy swing feeling more comfortable looking at blue sky and sea.

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