Tumbak is a Bajo village hides in the south-east coast of North Sulawesi peninsula. Tumbak is at 3 hours from the Sam Ratulangi International airport of Manado (capital of the province). Tumbak is localized in a lagoon close to a large island also called Tumbak. Tumbak is surrounding by a large sample of coastal ecosystems like coral reefs and big mangroves. But this environment is not the only reason to come in Tumbak. Tumbak is a unique village in North Sulawesi. the village was founded by a bajo family in 1918. Bajos are the sea gypsies of east Indonesia and a large part of the village is on-water. Peoples have a traditional way of life close to the sea and almost all the villagers are fishermen. Tumbak is a gate to the world of the Bajos, villagers of Tumbak have strong connections with other Bajos village all around Indonesia. You can meet in Tumbak people from Banggai Islands, Wakatobi Islands, Maluku, Gorontalo and Tilamuta area… They will glad to speak with you if you have little notion of Bahasa Indonesia. If you don’t it’s a good place to learn. Each years, volunteers from NGOs come in Tumbak and learn bahasa Indonesia from villagers, some of them are very good teacher. A journey in Tumbak is a unique experience with very friendly peoples in an amazing environment 

Environment around Tumbak is perfect for ecotourism. You could explore the 200 hectares of mangrove with canoe or in snorkeling for those who have clear water. The 500 hectares of coral reefs will give you amazing snorkeling and diving experiences. The reefs in Tumbak offer a very large diversity of underwater landscapes: slopes, drop-off, lagoon, soft corals gardens, hard corals included rare species, sea fans gardens in shallow for some locations, clear water mangroves and sea grasses. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experience diver, you will find locations make for you.

 Terrestrial ecosystems are also very diversified, especially on the desert Tumbak Island with its forest, swamp, grasses fields, mangroves, white sandy beaches and different plantations (coconuts, mango, pineapples, banana…). The fauna on the island included a large diversity of birds and butterflies, lizards, crabs.


Sumber : http://www.sulawesi-island.com/en/tumbak_village.php

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