Trowulan Temple

Eastern Javanese history usually divided into three dynasti periods. The first was the period when the kings of Kadiri ruled over Java (10th – 1222 AD) they ware succeeded by the dynasty of Singasari (1222 – 1293 AD), which in turn was replaced by the kings of Majapahit (1293 – early 16th century).

Majapahit’s Power reached its summit under the rule of King Hayam Wuruk. Gajah Mada was again prime minister until his death in 1365 AD. After Hayam Wuruk died in 1389 AD. The country was split up by fraternal conflicts. Hayam Wuruk had been succeeded by the crown princess Kusumawarddhani, who had married with a relative, Prince Wikramawarddhana.

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