Traveling to Indonesia is canceled, Chinese tourists can ask for a refund

“Can it be refunded or will it be rescheduled or will it be moved to another place. For the refund itself, if it is from Airlines, it will take about 14 working days,” said Chairman of ASITA, Nunung Rusmiati, Tuesday (02/04/2020) when contacted by AFP.

Nevertheless, Nunung said that the refund would not be 100 percent because advance payments have been made. So, all conditions are based on each travel agent.
“The travel agent itself varies in Indonesia, so it depends on the travel agent. Maybe there are 100 percent or deducted administrative costs because the travel agent has already been first,” Rusmiati added.

Rusmiati said that so far, the decline in tourist interest had only occurred from China. He said even that phenomenon had occurred at the end of 2019.

“The decline began in December. Because several natural disasters occurred,” Rusmiati added.

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