Travelers to Indonesia favor added value over low airfares

Traveler enjoying sunset on peak of foggy mountain

These travelers, according to the same survey, like to personalize their trips, such as by ordering additional services, including more legroom or extra in-flight meals. However, only 24 percent of them are willing to give more personal information to the airline in return for special offers.

They are said to have high expectations regarding the airlines they book, with 86 percent believing that excellent digital services, such as online check-in and access to online gate information, are important when choosing a carrier. The percentage is said to be the highest in the world, as the survey’s global average percentage was only 71 percent.

A higher-than-average percentage of tourists to Indonesia (67 percent versus the average 45) are likely to feel frustrated when they cannot access booking information through their smartphones, especially those coming from Generation X (73 percent) and Generation Y or the millennials (67 percent).

Gary Harford, regional director of APAC Operator Territories Travelport, said the travelers desired an effortless and fun experience from travel agents.

“Our research showed that technology is crucial in offering personalized services or helping them find the best value,” Harford said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Raymond Setokusumo, president director of Galileo Indonesia Perdana, said understanding Indonesian customers’ ever-changing expectations was key to meeting their needs. “They’re willing to give anything to get the best value for their trip, and the travel agencies must think about how to provide that.”

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