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Mayura Park

The Mayura Park is what remains of the once existing Karang Asam kingdom of Bali whose King A.A. Ngurah built it in 1744. In the middle of a large pond is a structure called “ Balai Kambang “ which at the time functioned as a… Read More »Mayura Park

Pantar Island

Pantar (Indonesian: Pulau Pantar) is the second largest island in the Indonesian Alor Archipelago, after Alor. To the east is the island of Alor and other small islands in the archipelago; to the west is the Alor Strait, which separates it from the Solor Archipelago.… Read More »Pantar Island

Sambas Palace

Sambas Palace which is now, was built by Sultan Muhammad Ibrahim Honor in 1933, occupied by 6 July 1935. Sambas Palace construction cost of 65. Gulden, through credit aid by Sultan of Kutai. Contractor performed the construction Tjin Nyuk from Pontianak. With a building area… Read More »Sambas Palace

Muara Teweh

Muara Teweh is the capital city of Barito Utara Province. The town itself is fairly busy and large. Although it offers little in the way of cultural attractions, the town is a good place to rest up, eat some interesting food and watch local life… Read More »Muara Teweh

Maleo Bird

The maleo is a large, black and white bird with a prominent medium-length tail. As its alternative name, maleo megapode suggests, it has characteristically large feet. This striking bird has a distinctive bony, dark casque on its crown, a yellowish face, and a bare pale… Read More »Maleo Bird

Otanaha Fort

Otanaha Fort located on top of hill in Dembe village, Kota Barat sub district, Gorontalo. This fort was built in 1522 years. Its have history that happened around 15 century ago. This fort built when Gorontalo kingdom was head by King Ilato cooperation with Portugal’s.… Read More »Otanaha Fort

Mampu Cave

Mampu of cave is the largest cave in South Sulawesi, the legendary cave of this Mampu away approximately 140 km from the city of Makassar in addition to the composition of stalagmites and there stalagtites similar stone human figures and animals, all have a real… Read More »Mampu Cave