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Indonesia’s government earmarks US$21.5 million to lift tourism businesses

The Indonesian government has rolled out a range of incentives aimed at airlines, tour operators and tourist areas to combat the tourism slump. Indonesia’s minister of finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati yesterday announced that the government has set aside a budget of 298.5 billion rupiahs (US$21.5… Read More »Indonesia’s government earmarks US$21.5 million to lift tourism businesses

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Indonesia Offers 50 Percent Off Flight Tickets to 10 Tourist Destinations

The Indonesian government is offering 50 percent off flight tickets to persuade domestic and international tourists to keep visiting the country’s favorite tourist destinations as the global tourism industry faces an uncertain future due to the continuing coronavirus outbreak, reported by Jakarta Globe.

The government stimulus is aimed at boosting tourist arrivals by 40 percent in 10 major destinations – Batam, Bali, Yogyakarta, Silangit, Malang, Labuan Bajo, Lombok, Manado, Tanjung Pandan and Tanjung Pinang, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said on Wednesday.

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Minister talks plan to hire foreign influencers to promote tourism

The government is set to recruit international influencers to attract foreign tourists to Indonesia in the hopes of reinvigorating the tourism industry, which has been deflated by the deadly coronavirus outbreak reported by the Jakarta Post today

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Wishnutama Kusubandio said the government, which gave his ministry a budget of Rp 72 billion (US$5.2 million) for promotional purposes, would use a portion of the funds to pay influencers. The budget is part of an Rp 10.3 trillion stimulus package that was announced Tuesday.

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Indonesia Holds Tour De France style Highway Bike Race

Good news for bicycle lovers in the country. Indonesia will once again hold a road Bicycle Racing sport. The Bicycle Racing event titled “L’Etape Indonesia 2020.”

In this event, lovers of Bicycle Racing in the country, whether amateur or professional, can feel the sensation of being a legendary tournament-style bicycle racer, Tour De France. Yes, L’Etape Indonesia is indeed working with Tour De France to hold this Bicycle Race event.

L’Etape Indonesia is a Bicycle Racing tournament adopting the Tour De France racing format to provide the sensation of the legendary Bicycle Racing event to the participants.

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Diversity of Indonesian Culture Amazed Scandinavia’s Largest Tourist Exhibition Visitors

The Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to participate in the three-day Danish Travel Show tourism exhibition held on February 21-23, 2020 in Herning, Denmark.

With a 63 square meter platform, various Indonesian tour packages are offered, as well as various culinary and traditional dances being promoted.

“In addition to Bali, Lombok and Komodo Island tour packages, the Indonesian bridge also offers Kalimantan and Papua tour packages.

This is to provide knowledge to foreigners, especially Denmark, that Indonesia is a large country with diverse ethnicities and cultures, “said M. Ibnu Said, Indonesian Ambassador to Denmark.

Danish People Enchanted by Kalimantan and Papua Tourism

The government participated in the Danish Travel Show 2020 Tourism Exhibition in Herning, Denmark, from 21 to 23 February 2020. As usual, the Indonesian Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy promotes Indonesian tourism on the 63-square-meter Wonderful Indonesia platform.

There are various tour packages, traditional art shows, and Indonesian specialties offered. The Indonesian Ambassador to Denmark, M. Ibnu Said, said that besides offering Bali, Lombok and Komodo Island tour packages, the Indonesian pavilion also presented tour packages to Kalimantan and Papua. “It turns out travel packages to Kalimantan and Papua are in great demand,” he said.

Danish travel specialist who joined the Indonesian pavilion, Lars Faursholt offers tour packages to Papua to get to know the Dani culture and to enjoy the Baliem Valley Festival Wamena. While in Kalimantan, visitors are invited to know the culture of the Dayak tribe and orang-utans in their natural habitat. These travel packages were sold out on the first day for the August 2020 visit.

Indonesia offers big discounts to attract foreign tourists amid cancellations

The government will provide discounts of up to 30 percent for both foreign and local travelers in a bid to revive Indonesia’s tourism, as more tourists cancel their vacation plans to the country over fears of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Unveiled by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, the plan will be relayed to travel companies, airlines and other related industries.

“I met with the finance minister this morning and we will weigh the possibility of providing a discount or incentive of up to 30 percent of actual prices to foreign tourists,” he said.

No details of the incentives have been announced but related ministers said that discounts would be applied to tour package to certain destinations and service fees waived on airlines at local airports, among other measures.

Tourism in Indonesia Needs More Inbound Tour Operators

Indonesian Tourism requires more Inbound Tour Operators in each destination.

This was revealed in a discussion organized by The J-Team, initiator and organizer of the Tourism Talks Club, in collaboration with DPD ASITA Jakarta, at the National Museum Auditorium, Tuesday (9/24).

The discussion discussed the tourism trade system, especially in the travel business sector, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

In an era of internet of things (IoT) where things are getting easier, the supply chain of products and services is getting shorter, consumers are demanding that everything is fast and seamless affect the established trading system in the tourism industry.


Kemenparekraf Strategy in Increasing Inbound Tourist Visits

WishnutamaBringing foreign tourists to Indonesia (Inbound) is one way of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to improve the competitiveness index or the Indonesian Tourism and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI). At present, TTCI Indonesia os in the top 40 in the world.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Wishnutama Kusubandio explained that there are several strategies to increase competitiveness targeted at the request of President Joko Widodo so that Indonesia’s ranking will increase to 36-38 by 2021.

As an illustration, the TTCI ranking of neighboring countries in ASEAN, such as Singapore, is on the 17th, Malaysia ranked 29th, Vietnam 63th, and Thailand 31st in the world.

“There are several strategic things that we will do soon, that is how the grand strategy of Indonesian tourism related to other Ministries and Institutions is to use inbound strategies to bring in foreign exchange,” he said.

Wisnutama also explained that he had coordinated with Garuda Indonesia to increase inbound promotion rather than outbound. Also explored possibilities with 33 international airlines operating in Indonesia, to increase the number of flights and seat capacity to Indonesia.

“So that the mindset of the airlines and so on will be directed how to bring outsiders to enter Indonesia, not Indonesian people who want to go abroad,” he said.

Indonesian Tourists Make Singaporean More Prosperous (Ironic)

Indonesian tourists flocked to Singapore last year. Yes, our country is the largest market share for the Lion Country after China.

In the Year-In-Review 2019 presentation: Media & Trade Gathering, Tuesday (2/18/2020), it was explained that the number of visits and income from Indonesian tourists to Singapore reached the highest record in 2019. Although at the beginning of the year, the country faced challenges with the outbreak of COVID-19.

“Singapore’s tourism sector recorded growth in the number of tourist visits and tourism revenues in 2019. A good trend is happening for four years in a row,” said Mohamed Firhan Abdul Salam, Area Director of the Singapore Tourism Board Indonesia.