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Rendang The Minang Cuisine

rendang-beef.jpgRendang or  ‘Randang’ in minang language is the famous cuisine from Minangkabau, not only in Indonesia but also at overseas. Rendang always served at Minangkabau ceremonial occasion, it is one of some peculiar foods that Minangkabau have.

Rendang mostly made from beef, but sometimes chicken, duck, water buffalo, mutton or even some of vegetables like jack fruit also could be another kind of  Rendang.


Seram Island

seram.jpgSeram, the largest and among the least known islands in Maluku, hovers over Ambon, Saparua and lots of sea. Many of Ambon’s tradition are said to have originated from Seram, including the division into two sets of customs, patasiwa and patalima, as well as pela alliances between two villages often located far apart. Seram is also replete with magic, for the Amboneses anyway, with many anecdotes of men who can fly, kill at a distance and change their shape at will. While the western part of the island has lost its mystery, thanks to thriving lumber industry, the remote eastern mountains is where the magic is now concentrated.

King Ampat Maritime Tour

king.jpgKing Ampat Maritime Tour was located in the King Ampat Regency, West Papua Province, Indonesia. For the divers and the lover of the underwater world, Papua was diving heaven that presented the astonishing wealth of the sea biota. Some that were famous were King Ampat Waters. This region was called as Coral Reef Paradise (coral reef heaven) by the world divers.
King Ampat Islands was not only regarded as the biggest marine park in Indonesia, but also was believed in had the biggest wealth of the sea biota in the world.

Cilember Waterfall

cilember_waterfall.jpgCilember Waterfall was located in the Cisarua area, Puncak, Bogor, Java Island, Indonesia. With the height 800 meters above sea level, the green and cool atmosphere at once welcomed you in this tourist attraction. Might not worry, because the manager’s side has provided the guidance of the road that will help tourist. The place of the favorite of many visitors was to visit the waterfall or “curug”.

Karang Hawu Coast

karang_hawu.jpgKarang Hawu Coast was located in the Cisolok Sub District, Sukabumi District, West Java Province, Indonesia. Karang Hawu Coast was one of the coasts that was famous enough in Sukabumi, West Java. The Coral and Rocks that projected to sea were the typical characteristics of the nature panorama in this coast. Acknowledged as Karang Hawu Coast because in the area of this coast was gotten a coral that projected to sea and were hollow in several a part that formed like Tungku / fireplace (Tungku was in the Sundanese language mentioned Hawu).

Sakenan Temple

sakenantemple-01.jpgSakenan Temple is a Hindu Temple located in the northwest of Serangan Village, Sub district of Denpasar and Badung regency. It is about 10 KM south part of Denpasar Town. We see a coastal view with beautiful sea, hill consecution and Nusa Dua Beach which are located in south side. The structure of Sakenan Temple is divided into 2 groups those are Sakenan Temple is a temple complex which is located in eastside and Dalem Sakenan Temple is a temple complex located in west side.

WR. Soepratman Museum

wr-supratman-museum-10.jpgWage Rudolf Soepratman is the Great Hero of the author of Indonesia national anthem. Born on Monday, 9 March 1903 in Jatinegara Jakarta believe in Islam and not followed the political organization. His father named Senen, a sergeant in Battalion VIII. Mothered by his brother in-laws of WM Van Eldik (Sastromihardjo) he had learnt pluck guitar and fiddle violin.

In 1914, Soepratman follow Roekijem to Makassar. Over there, he sent to school and financed by Roekijem husband named Willem Van Eldik. Soepratman study Dutch language in night school during 3 years then continued it to Normaalschool. He go to an education school in Makasar and when he 20 years, he is lifted as a teacher in Angka 2 School. Two years after, he get Klein Ambtenaar certificate.

Akbar Cave

goa-akbar-01.jpgThe unique thing of Akbar Cave is the charming of its huge spaces and also its long tunnels. There are also many interesting scenery of cave which you can not find in other places. If we come in the cave we will see the river that flow calmly, in that river we will see the various fishes, which the water comes from water fall in the centre of the cave. You may feed the fish by throwing down a little piece of bread. In other part of space, called “Mahahandhapa Sri Manganti”, the visitors will be presented with traditional music like Gamelan, Siteran and any other traditional music. 

The Prince Benowo Grave

the_prince.jpgThe Prince Benowo Grave is the symbol and eyewitness that still enjoyed up to now. The history of Prince Benowo Grave is beginning from the figure of Prince Benowo self who is an adventurer. On Prince Benowo struggle way, he always powerful and daunted at that moment.

Prince Benowo self have ever become a governor in Madiun. Moreover, in his journey, including; Madiun, Kediri until in a village in Wonomerto, Wonosalam, Jombang, and finally Prince Benowo had die then buried here.