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Akbar Cave

goa-akbar-01.jpgThe unique thing of Akbar Cave is the charming of its huge spaces and also its long tunnels. There are also many interesting scenery of cave which you can not find in other places. If we come in the cave we will see the river that flow calmly, in that river we will see the various fishes, which the water comes from water fall in the centre of the cave. You may feed the fish by throwing down a little piece of bread. In other part of space, called “Mahahandhapa Sri Manganti”, the visitors will be presented with traditional music like Gamelan, Siteran and any other traditional music. 

The Prince Benowo Grave

the_prince.jpgThe Prince Benowo Grave is the symbol and eyewitness that still enjoyed up to now. The history of Prince Benowo Grave is beginning from the figure of Prince Benowo self who is an adventurer. On Prince Benowo struggle way, he always powerful and daunted at that moment.

Prince Benowo self have ever become a governor in Madiun. Moreover, in his journey, including; Madiun, Kediri until in a village in Wonomerto, Wonosalam, Jombang, and finally Prince Benowo had die then buried here.

Valley Of Kali Brantas

brantas.jpgThe broad Brantas River traverse East Java and, traces a circular path through the ancient and fertile rice lands of Central and East Java. The 320 kilometer-long river plays a significant role in the lives of the province’s inhabitants. The origins wells up near Malang in the mountains, and pushes its way around the vulcano’s of Arjuna, Kawi and Kelud. Close to Surabaya it flows empty into the Java-sea.

Sawentar Temple

sawentar_temple_04.jpgSawentar Temple is located at Sawentar village, Kanigoro district, to the east of Blitar. The temple shows similarities in form to Kidal temple. A tentative date of around the early to mid 13th century has consequently been assigned to it. The base of the temple lies several meters below the present ground level, a result of having been buried under a mass of lava, presumably from an eruption of nearby Mt Kelud. The site was excavated during the early years of this century. This temple seems reside on a pool. At first found, the temple had covered by mount dust.


Pasia Jambak Beach

Pasia jambak beach is a destination tourism in padang, which is locate in KM 14th along padang-bukittinggi highway, about 20 KM from the downtown, but as if you are from BIM/ bandara international minangkabau/ minangkabau international airport it will be about 10 KM. White sand,… Read More »Pasia Jambak Beach

Popoh Beach Tourism

popoh-beach-09.jpgPopoh beach is the interesting tourism object in Tulungagung regency. In this tourism object, you can enjoy the beautiful of nature scenery, astonished with a thousand temples; enjoy the swimming pool, and fauna. This tourism object has managed by the region government of Tulungagung, together with Retjo Pentoeng Cigarettes Company.

In this Popoh Beach is also equipped with lodges facility, fish market, marine tourism, and a few places for fishing.

Arabica Coffee Plantation at Kalisat Jampit

jampit.jpgThe Arabica Coffee Garden Tourism object belongs to BUMN PT Perkebunan XXVI; it is 4,000 hectares, and 900 heights from the bottom of the sea. It is about 57km east of Bondowoso town. The guest can watch and enjoy beautiful scenery.

There we can watch the processes, such as: the picking of coffee, selecting coffee at the field and the factory, drying of coffee seeds and the process of milling coffee seeds that produces Arabica Instant Coffee that has a special taste and a nice fragrance. Arabica coffee has a typical taste with a good smell and a delicious taste. The tourists can also do the garden area tour by bicycles or by cars .

This car coordinator also provides the transportation to other tourist spots such as:

Baluran National Park : a little bit of Africa in the East Java

baluran.jpgBaluran National Park is a forest preservation area that extends about 25.000 ha on the north coast of East Java. The location is in Sumberwaru village, Banyuwangi district, Situbondo (on the east border of Java Island). You can enjoy the panorama of savannah and mount Baluran (inactive volcano) in the center of area that becomes habitat of many exotic animals such as wild pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken, some species of monkeys and also bulls as the protected animals in the area.

You can enjoy the amazing scenery of the forest and do the safari activities in the wild life and feel the magic of the forest. This park is so unique because 15 km from the main entrance, you can find a beautiful white beach called Bama Beach, here in the habiat of coral reef, fish and mangrove.

You also can observe hundreds species of birds such as hornbills, peacocks and bulbuls. If you like to observe the tropical forest vegetation, the park is a heaven for many species of trees, plants and flowers such as pecan nut trees, Maja, Gadung, Java tamarind trees and mount Widara.