Tourism in Indonesia Needs More Inbound Tour Operators

Ricky Setiawanto, Director of Business and Development of Europe Market at PT Tirta Nusantara Tbk, said that digital is now mushrooming everywhere, so an Inbound tour operator is needed.

“The challenge now is the entry of online hotels. We can not stop and that’s the strategy that must be faced. The operator’s Inbound tour system cannot be replaced with technology because we talk to humans, “he said.

He said, Inbound tour operators need to be in every tourism destination. Especially in destinations that are being updated and prioritized.

According to him, the Ministry of Tourism’s strategy of developing 10 new Bali in Indonesia must be on line with the program.

“It’s just that we have to choose from the 10 new Bali, which should be sold according to the place where we are,” said Ricky

Inbound related to foreign tourists. They can find out what aircraft are entering the 10 new Bali destinations, and so on.

Meanwhile, Tourism Industry Expert Policy Analyst, Ministry of Tourism, Agus Priyono said, there are still many travel agency businesses that are not standardized. They also haven’t sold inbound tour packages.

Therefore, the trade system is closely related to the policies and regulations taken and implemented by the Government.

Policies and regulations that are adaptive to changing times, are clear and transparent, do not overlap, will support a healthy business competition climate and encourage the progress of the tourism industry.

A set of regulations have been made and implemented by the Government, starting from Law No.10 of 2009 on Tourism, to its derivatives in Government Regulations and Minister of Tourism Regulations. The main policy is the application of Tourism Business Registry, standardization, and business certification.

It was all done to improve industrial competitiveness tourism is no exception tour operators and travel agencies.

Moreover destinations / cities that have been served direct flights abroad. Presidential Regulation Number 91 Year 2017 Concerning the Acceleration of Business Conduct; Government Regulation Number 24 Year 2018 Regarding Electronic Business Licensing Services; Regulation of the Minister of Tourism Concerning Tourism Business Standards; Regulation of the Minister of Tourism Number 1 Year 2016 Regarding the Implementation of Tourism Business Certification; Minister of Tourism Regulation No. 10 of 2018 concerning the Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services for the Tourism Sector, is the Government’s efforts to improve the quality of existing businesses, while at the same time encouraging new businesses.

However, how the rules of the game in the field have not been given much attention. So there is a tendency for the tourism industry to enter the liberal-free market stage. Anyone can offer products and services including foreigners who do not have complete legal business documents in Indonesia.

The basics of trading in the tourism industry actually haven’t changed too much. The existence of tour operators and travel agencies in Indonesia is still needed with the growing niche travel market. Hierarchical level of travel business is also still valid in the world.

In the midst of the advancement of travel technology, increasing the number of Inbound Tour Operators especially in Indonesian tourist destinations is absolutely necessary. This is in order to significantly increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, both in terms of quantity and quality.

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