Tourism and a number of other diplomas in Indonesia including journalism, banking and travel face extinction

Moreover, in the retail arena, more people are shopping online rather than going to traditional retailers, leading to the closure of offline stores such as supermarkets, popular retail chains, and travel agencies. Media-wise, many conventional media such as magazines and newspapers are in decline as people tend to choose social media as their daily source of news.

The skills needed to serve these demands are all technology-based, including computer coding, data processing, robotics, and natural process languages. Gachon University in South Korea requires students to pass mandatory courses in Artificial Intelligence, big data, and software knowledge by 2020.

In the higher education sector, many universities are now offering fully online courses. In Indonesia, there are about 4,800 offline universities. According to data, in March 2019, seven universities held online degree programs, which are led by UT and Binus and are now fully running. The number increased by 22 universities in November 2019.

Adaptations that schools and colleges should take into consideration include skills in computers and technologies, to adjust to the job market of the future.

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