Tour Garden Bumi Kedaton – Batu Putuk

Lampung has long been as the Land of Elephants and Way Kambas as the best known as elephant training center. But don’t imagine that getting there is easy these days. Getting to the National Park takes at least two hours from the center of town, on a road in terrible condition. This trip is only for the truly adventurous, or tourists with a lot of time on theirs hands. But don’t worry – now there’s Taman Wisata Bumi Kedaton (Bumi Kedaton Tourism Park), located in Batu Putuk area, only 20 minutes from the center of Bandar Lampung. This park had created especially to make it easy for tourists, and the local people of Lampung, to enjoy a family holiday with Sumatra’s favorite beasts.

This tourism object has built on 9 hectares area, Bumi Kedaton is like a miniature zoo, with various animal attraction: bears, porcupines, many types of bird, and monkeys. The park is only 75% complete at the moment, but soon it will also feature a crocodile park. Visitors can also see pythons and king cobras, horses performing material arts, and of course the perennial favorite, the elephants.

We can also ride an elephant while trekking up the river. So next time if visit Lampung, take the time to have an adventure with the elephants. The park also offers accommodation in 3-bedroom bungalow in traditional Lampung style.

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