Tour Bendi

bendi_tour.jpgTour Bendi is traditional vehicle using a horse. Bendi is one of traditional vehicle in Bondowoso that has unique form. The driver of Bendi called “Kusir” (Coachman). He will command the horse to pull the carriage, run slowly. The passengers are sitting down on the carriage and enjoy the journey.

Bendi has two wooden wheels and it designed in Javanese style. If you visit Bondowoso, it feels not complete yet if you do not gone up Bendi. It has interesting and unique form and stayed in strategic location, precisely in Alun-alun Bondowoso (Bondowoso Town Square). The visitors can walking around and enjoy the charm of Bondowoso town by this Tour Bendi.

Enjoy your unforgettable journey by gone up Tour Bendi in Bondowoso. It will give you an interesting experience.

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