Tou Mulangke Cave

tou_mulangke_cave.jpgLocated in the Village Tombiayano, the Capital District of West Tojo, the name of this cave is taken from the local language "baree". Goa was in the midst of an unspoiled tropical forest, further adds to the beauty and serenity of local atmosphere.

Visitors can witness the life of thousands of bats that make this cave as a haven. The walls of the cave formed of rocks and the large stalactite and stalagmite add to the natural beauty of this underground cave.

To get to the location of the cave, it took approximately 20 minutes using bemo or car from the village of Tombiano. This attraction can be visited from Ampana City with a car transport or motorcycle with a time of approximately 2 hours.

As for accommodation facilities, the tourists can stay at home Tombiano Village resident and did not need long time to immediately enjoy the natural beauty of Goa Tou Mulangke.

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