Tjong A Fie Legacy Building

tjong_a_fie_legacy_bulding.jpgTjong A Fie was the Chinese Major in Medan, a first millionaire in Sumatra. Up to now his name continues to recall in Medan City, although he has died during 1921. In 1870 Tjong A Fie and his older brother, Tjong Yong Hian left Moy Hian village, in Canton (China) to travel to Tanah Deli as the contract labors in the Tobacco plantation. These brothers were very good at seeing business opportunities. Once they stay in Labuhan Deli capital and opened a shop named Ban Yun Tjong. Tjong A Fie knew true the requirement for the Chinese labors and the other expatriate that just arrived in Tanah Deli, so in a short time he has become very rich. Until today the old historical building that was located in Kesawan area was Tjong A Fie family’s residence, which was the first building that built in this region.

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