Timpan Cake

timpan_cake.jpgTimpan cake is one of Aceh’s special food. Sweet snack made of glutinous rice flour is a favorite food the people of Aceh in the early days of Islam, such as holidays. In addition to the great days, the cake is also often encountered in timpan banquet, social gathering or other important banquet held in Acehnese society. It was delicious, make this cake all favored among both young and old.

Snacks Sugar-apple timpan whose contents are made from eggs and there were also contains coconut. Now, there are also Sugar-apple is modified by a mixture of durian. The materials used for the cake batter is sticky rice flour, sometimes mixed with banana or pumpkin king.
Timpan cookie dough wrapped in banana leaves young people who have smeared cooking oil. The goal is that when baked the cake to loosen it when it opened the wrapper. Cakes wrapped in banana leaves then steamed for half an hour.

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