Tidore Island


Tidore is a city, island, and archipelago in the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia, west of the larger island of Halmahera. In the pre-colonial era, the kingdom of Tidore was a major regional political and economic power, and a fierce rival of nearby Ternate, just to the north. Tidore Island consists of a large stratovolcano which rises from the seafloor to an elevation of 1,730 m (5,676 ft) above sea level at the conical Kiematabu Peak on the south end of the island. The northern side of the island contains a caldera, Sabale, with two smaller volcanic cones within it. Soasio is Tidore’s capital. It has its own port, Goto, and it lies on the eastern edge of the island. It has a mini bus terminal and a market. The sultan’s palace was rebuilt with completion in 2010.

The island constitutes a municipality (kotamadya) within the province of North Maluku. The municipality covered an area of 1,643.5 square kilometres (634.6 sq mi) and had an Census population of 89,506 in 2010, the mainland part (Oba) became the city of Sofifi, the new provincial capital. This leaves 53,309 as the population covering 129 km2 of land. The municipality includes the island of Tidore, together with two small islands (Maitara and Mare), and the Oba section of Halmahera Island. It is divided into eight districts (kecamatan), namely Oba, Oba Selatan (South Oba), Oba Tengah (Oba Central), Oba Utara (North Oba), Tidore, Tidore Timur (Tidore East), Tidore Selatan (South Tidore), and Tidore Utara (North Tidore). The four Obas cover the parts of the municipality on Halmahera, while the four Tidores cover Tidore Island and the two small islands.

The beautiful island of Tidore is just a few minutes across the sea from Ternate by speedboat. Like Ternate, it is also an ancient spice-trading sultanate dominated by a towering volcano, Gunung Kiematubu. Its attractions are also similar: historic forts, beaches, and good hiking possibilities. But unlike Ternate, which has retained its commercial and political importance as the main administrative and trading centre of North Maluku, Tidore has slipped into relative obscurity. For visitors, this is a blessing in disguise though: it means that while facilities are more limited, the traditional architecture, customs and historical sights have been spared from modern influences and over-restoration. Even the capital Soasio has the feeling of a sleepy village, and like most villages themselves, it has neat streets full of flowers and white-washed houses. Although it is easily visited as a day-trip from Ternate, Tidore rewards those prepared to spend a longer time exploring its attractions and soaking up its historic atmosphere thoroughly.

Although it only has an area of 15 square kilometers, Ternate Island has a number of with sights and experiences to explore. Hike to the peak of a volcano. For any visitor to Ternate Island, Mount Gamalama is a must see. Tours to the mountain are available and offer a safe way to explore the volcano. A local guide will escort you through the 5 hour trek to the mountains peak, 1271 meters above sea level. Learn about the life of Ternate royalty with a visitor to the Kedaton or Sultan’s Palace. Built in 1796, this still serves in part as a family home. There is special section of the Kedaton that acts as a museum, where the sister of the Sultan provides visitors with information about Ternate and related places of interest in excellent English. If you have planned ahead and obtained permission from the Sultan, you can see the Sultan’s crown worn only at coronations. Legend has it that the crown presents ‘growing hair’, which needs regular trimming. The people believe that parading the crown around the island prevents disaster, and has prevented Mount Gamalama from erupting in the past. The Sultan’s Mosque is also an interesting place to visit. Take the chance to admire the impressive heavy timberwork of the interior. Other attractions in Ternate include Benteng Oranye which once served as the office of East Indies Company (VOC) and also as the base for the Dutch governor of Ternate. Walk around the ancient Tolukko Fort. Built in 1512 by the Portuguese this was the first fort built in Ternate. Red Wood Fort is also worth visiting for its splendid scenery. Visit the stunning Tolire Besar Lake, a spectacular crater lake in the North of the island. Enjoy the view of the dramatic landscape, especially the magnificent lake surrounded by thick forests.

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