Thousand Islands, Jakarta – Indonesia

Thousand Islands

These are islands whose names have become synonymous with the legend and mystique of the far east Bali, Java, Borneo. What many people may not know though is that within the Greater Jakarta area is a much smaller arch pelagic chain of paradise island called Kepulauan Seribu, or Thousand Islands.

While the Thousand Island epithet sounds romantic, in reality there are actually closer to three hundred island in the chain. Even this number is not exact, since some atolls and islets are so small that they disappear and reappear according to the tides. In term of natural beauty and exclusivity these are some of the finest islands in the region, offering all the classic elements of balmy tropical holiday, white sandy beaches, and all the marine and aquatic diversions to keep you as active, or inactive, as you like.

It’s only natural that due to their close proximity to Jakarta, these island have become a prime weekend playground for the capital’s stressed out city-dwellers. That’s why it’s necessary to have an easily accessible gateway plan and that’s where the Thousand Islands come in.

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