The Wonderful Medang Island Sumbawa

Medang Island is a cluster of small islands and located at Sumbawa Island. The island has two villages, Bugis Medang Village and Bajo Medang Village. These villages have potential underwater tourism because when you dive, you will see diversity of marine life. One of the uniqueness of the island is that they have tradition of Nganyang. It is the kind of hunting agenda for local residents. Medang Island has wonderful underwater life. Most of the residents here are fishermen and plant seaweed. Medang Island is also adjacent to Moyo Island in Sumbawa Regency.

Administratively, Medang Island lies in Labuan Badas Sub-district, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia and situated around 27 km from Sumbawa Island and 8 km from Moyo Island. 

Medang Island is one of the best spots for you who love diving and snorkeling. The small island is inhabited by Bajo tribe. The panorama of the island is so beautiful because you will see crystal water with calm waves. At the east of the island, you will be treated by local farming and at the west, you will see the lake and mangrove forest. This island become a paradise for those who love nature and adventure when you visit Sumbawa Island in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

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