The Stunning Natural Karampuang Island in Simboro, Mamuju – Indonesia

Pulau Karampuang is an island located in West Sulawesi, Indonesia. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 96 metres. Variant forms of spelling for Pulau Karampuang or in other languages: Mamuju, Poelau Mamoedjoe, Pulau Mamudju, Pulau Karampuang (id), Pulau Mamuju, Mamuju, Poelau Mamoedjoe, Pulau Karampuang, Pulau Mamudju, Pulau Mamuju.

Administratively, Karampuang Island is located under the region of Simboro, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia. Visitors who come from Makassar, South Sulawesi, can reach the site using a flight to Mamuju that has been provided by local government to take about one hour. They also can use public transports, such as city bus, from Makassar to Mamuju to take about 12 hours.

Arriving in Mamuju, the capital city of Mamuju district, visitors can easily reach the island that is located about 3 kilometers away. The easiest route to reach the island is departing from Mamuju Harbor (Simboro Harbor) by motor boats to take about 10 minutes only.

Karampuang Island has white sandy beach with stunning natural landscape. On this sandy beach, visitors usually make grilled fish feast at night that of course will increasingly add to the festive atmosphere while enjoying the natural view of the island.

The white sandy beach certainly becomes the main attraction for visitors to play around the beach or just bask under the sunshine while enjoying the wind breezing. Moreover, the sea surrounding the island seems so beautiful and natural. The clear water creates the waves will absolutely make the visitors to feel more comfortable to stay as long as possible.

Other various tourist attractions contain several uniqueness are also can be found in Karampuang Island. Some of the island’s tourism potential is not just concentrated in one location so you will also feel the nuances of an incredible adventure of unique things when exploring this island.

Karampuang Island has been equipped with several supporting facilities. Visitors who want to linger on the island, they may use the cottages made of woven bamboo pole and tree nuts. Those classic cottages are laid out in the shade of trees so that the natural environment will be sensed more.

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