The mysterious Onrust Island, Kepulauan Seribu – Jakarta

Onrust Island

Onrust Island is one of islands in Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, which lies near to Angel Island or Bidadari Island. In the period of Dutch colonial, the people of this island was called Ship Island or Pulau Kapal, because the island was frequently visited by Dutch ships before heading to Batavia. In addition, Onrust Island was a place of repair and ship building, which was indeed the island is very busy at that time. It is relatd bt the name ‘Onrust’ was taken from the Dutch language, which means ‘Never Rest’

In this island there are many archaeological remains in the Dutch colonial period and also a house that is still intact and used as Onrust Island Museum. Onrust Museum is the only building left standing intact. In this museum recorded the various developments of this island from time to time.

A the short history mentioned: between the years 1803-1810 Onrust island battered by the British for three times, and the last was in 1810 when the British fleet led by Admiral Edward Pellow destroy the facilities and infrastructure of Onrust Island. In the year 1848 Onrust Island and surrounding areas being occupied again by the Dutch naval base. However, this infrastructure again destroyed by tidal waves together with the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883.

In this island, there is also a tomb that is said to be the tomb of the leader of the rebellion DI / TII, Kartosoewirjo.

Although in a glance, this island look shambles, but the cleanliness of the island seems very highly considered. Because based on the decision of Governor of Jakarta, it was declared as a protected historic island.

The island is very easy to access by sea transportation, either through Muara Kamal, Muara Angke and Marina Ancol beach with a distance of approximately 14 kilometers can be gone for twenty minutes.

In the early days of independence, the Onrust island used as a quarantine hospital for infectious disease patients under the supervision of the Ministry of Health until early 1960. Then from 1960 until 1965 it used to be a shelter for homeless people and beggars as well as military training.

Visiting this island is such a historical tour, because this island is less revealing his face as a tourist island. At least by visiting this Onrust Island, we can take one long trip to feel the history of Indonesian.

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