The Kingdom of Butterfly

In recent years, the population of butterfly there now is much reduced because of uncontrollable arrest by people. Resident catches and makes it to be gifts. Luckily, Butterfly Breeding Center, an organization formed specifically to conduct rescue the endangered species from extinction, has been carrying out protection.

To reach the Kingdom of butterfly, you can use several ways. Can use private cars or rent a car or through reservation of Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. There is also public transportation. Trip to tourism object takes about two hours.

With private cars or rent car, you can through to Reformasi highway or Port highway, and then follow the entrance to Sutami highway, next to Maros. From Maros take the direction to Bantimurung. Also can through Perintis Kemerdekaan Road or without going to the highway.

With public transport, you can start the trip from Daya Regional Bus Station, take transportation to Maros. Get off at the Maros terminal and connect to Bantimurung.

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