The Hidden Paradise Tumbak Island – Minahasa

Tumbak Island is one of hidden paradise to the southeastern of Minahasa, North Sulawesi. The beauty of underwater life and the white sand beach is rival to Bunaken and Lihaga. Tumbak Island is different from Tumbak village. The island is uninhabited and has an area of less than 1 hectare. Although small, it offers a variety of activities marine tourism because of its natural beauty .

There is a hill on Tumbak island. From the top of it, visitors can see the expanse of blue sea lined with beautiful group of islands in the southeastern waters of North Sulawesi. Besides the hill, Tumbak island also has a savanna that has not been touched by humans. Interspersed with lush trees the savanna on Tumbak Island is suitable for those who crave a quiet place in the middle of the island.

With so many snorkeling spots around, Tumbak Island is one of Indonesian islands that offers a complete package of marine tourism. In addition to snorkeling, visitors can also do some fishing and diving. Underwater scenery here is so wonderful and increasingly open the eyes of many tourists.

baling-baling If you want to explore the beauty of Tumbak, you need to set up at least 2 days. Besides the beauty of the underwater which offers views of various fish, your eyes will also be pampered with a carpet of beautiful and colorful coral. Aside from enjoying the beauty beneath the bottom of the sea, you can enjoy the beautiful white sand around the village on the water like Baling-baling and Ponteng islands.

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