The Beauty of Palippis Seashore, West Sulawesi

Palippis seashore is located on the side of the main road which connects the other cities in West Sulawesi. Approximately 20 km from Polewali. Palippis seashore has a wonderful scenery that you have to visit.

Palippis also offers you its beauty, it has a tourist attraction more than just the beauty but there are also some destination objects around the beach such as Kelelawar Cave and the rock cliffs. Kelelawar Cave is located on the top of the hill that is not too far from the seashore. The rock cliffs is located around the cave.

The travelers can doing any kinds of water games, play with the sands, football, volleyball, or maybe just waiting for the sunset. There is a rock cliffs along the beach area, it called Lawuang. Lawuang has an exotic attraction by its location that is directly overlooking to the beach such as a chasm.

It is for about 30-80 m of height. On this beach, the tourists can also witness Mandar tribal communities make the boat sandeq in the centers . Sandeq boat is a typical boat of Mandar tribe.

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