The Beach of Ujung Lancang Samudra, Bengkulu – Indonesia

The attraction of the beautiful beaches, gently sloping white sandy beaches add to the beauty and brings its own charm.

The facilities available in the form of shelters, toilets and performing arts building. Currently being developed as a leading tourist area which is always crowded dikujungi by either local or community travelers who return home to Kaur. Laguna beach location situated in the village of Ujung Lancang Merpas, Nasal district, district Kaur.

At the time the manager of beach widths along with the villages and districts to add some musical entertainment packages for visitors on this beach, so the traveler who comes to travel, but can enjoy the nautical tourism on the coast. Also presented solo organ music entertainment.

Even some travelers also visited several sacred (tomb) located maje District and surrounding region. Travelers had come for pilgrimage. As dikeramat Maje, Village Linau and some other shrine. Besides beautiful beaches and blue, some locations where pilgrimage is also crowded tomb was visited by travelers.

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