Bay of Triton is located in Kaimana district, West Papua. This area is known for its underwater beauty and cultural heritages. In this Bay, there are 959 types of coral fish and 471 types of coral where 16 of them are new species. The beauty of soft corals is a natural underwater attraction in the Bay of Triton. Here, you can easily find Bryde’s whales looking for food near Lobo village. Ancient drawings from pre-history era on mountain sides showing palms and animals in Maimai is a cultural beauty which is as attractive as underwater world in this Bay.
Flight and ship schedules to Kaimana are available only on certain days and may change every month. To reach Kaimana by air transportation, you can take Wings Air, Merpati Air, Tri M. G Airlines, or Express Air to take you to Utarum airport in Kaimana. Flights from Sorong to Kaimana are available. If you leave from Sorong, your flight will transit in Fak-Fak and then continue its journey to Kaimana for about 1.5 hours. You can also take a flight from Ambon and transit in Fak-Fak and then to Kaimana. For sea transportation, motor ships are available. You can take the KM Ciremai ship that leaves from Jakarta or KM Tatamailau from Manado to take you to Kaimana. 
To visit the Bay of Triton, the only transportation means available is sea transportation from Kaimana. A ship belonging to local government in Kaimana that transits in several villages Bay of Triton on its way to the Bay of Etna, but it only operates three tmes a month. Alternatively, you can take a rented longboat or speedboat to go to the Bay of Triton. From Port Kaimana, it will take about three hours by longboat and about one and a half hours by speedboat to the Bay of Triton.
In this Bay, you can see wall drawings in Maimai, Bryde’s whales in Lobo, and dive or snorkel near Temintoi, the Strait of Iris, still within the Bay of Triton. You can only travel around by sea. When the weather is good, you can visit many locations in one day. In the Bay of Triton, you can enjoy underwater beauty and historical and cultural heritages. Here, interesting diving and snorkeling sites are located in the Strait of Iris in Temintoi where you can see the beauty of soft corals and various types of coral fishes.
 In addition, you can also visit Lobo village to see Bredy’s whales. Here, the local community live in peace and harmony with the whales. It is not difficult to see these whales on the water surface, looking for food. Another interesting thing is ancient drawings on mountain sides in Maimai. These drawings show human palms and animals in red color. You can see them clearly along 1 km mountainside.
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