The Attractive Bioa Putiak Hot Spring, Lebong – Bengkulu

If you come to Bengkulu, don’t forget for visiting the attractive hot spring here. This is Bioa Putiak Hot Spring is one of the most attractive natural tourism objects in Bengkulu Province. It is located about a stone throw from the highway of Air Kopras Village, in the North Lebong Sub-district, Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province. It is about 10 km to East from Muara Aman City (as the second main city of Lebong Regency after Tubei as the Capital City of the Regency).

Actually, there are two kinds of spring water here. They are the cold water and the hot water which naturally flow and meet in one spot in a river. The hot spring is very attractive, because it naturally comes out of the earth, whereas there is no found any volcanic mountains nearby the area.

Bioa Putiak Hot Spring gives a different sensation, due to with the beautiful natural scenery surrounding its location, the visitors are allowed to have a steam bathing in the river where the warm water flows between the natural rocks. In some area, where the water is much hotter, can even be used to boil eggs. It is so amazing!

The nature area where the hot spring is presented with river stones, it creates a wonderful combination. Moreover, the highland wonderful view makes you pleasurable enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, including breathing with fresh air originally produced by the rainforest of Barisan Hill Sumatra surrounding this area. This location has been built a shelter as a place to take a rest after or even before you have a looking around.

To reach this location, there are two line. First you can go there through North Bengkulu Regency, by passing Giri Mulya Village where coffee plantations are along the road side. That will be your own nice natural scenery while going to your destination place. The second alternative from Bengkulu City is through Kepahing (Kepahiang Regency), and then Curup (Rejang Lebong Regency). By going through this way, you will pass by the Lake Tes.

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