Talking about Lampung tourism, there are two tourism objects that you will visit if you visiting there. Beside you can visit Way Kambas National Park with its elephant training center you can also visit Kiluan bay with dolphins. These two tourism objects are very well known by many tourists and become Lampung tourism icons. Besides these two tourism object, for those of you who like the marine tourism activities, Lampung has many beautiful beaches, since on the west the beach borders with the Indian Ocean and to the south adjacent to the Sunda Strait. One of them that you must visit is the Terbaya Beach.

Terbaya Beach is located in Tanggamus regency, Lampung, precisely located on the left side of the road, which is 3 kilometers from the center of Agung City, the capital of Tanggamus. The distance beaches from Bandar Lampung, Lampung is about 80 Kilometers. Terbaya beach became one of the famous attractions than Gisting and Batu Keramat area, as well as Way Lalaan waterfall at Tanggamus regency. Compared to other beaches in Lampung, the beach has a certain enchantment in the form of natural scenery as well as the Gulf of clean beach sand.

 When arriving in Terbaya Beach, you can see giant tanker ships and fishing boats and sea ports of Agung City which widely sprawling there. There are palm trees a long the beach that usually became a shelter from the hot sun. Here, you can be boating, fishing or just enjoying the natural beauty. You can swim or sit back while drinking coconut on the beach of the island.

For those of you who want to get around the beach by boat, you can rent a boat about Rp 120,000 per boat for once trip. Then, for those of you who like fishing, you can do it on the beach by riding boat to the sea. You can directly enjoy the fishes by grilling on the beach while enjoying the beauty of sunset which is certainly an unforgettable travelling experience offered by Terbaya beach during your life. If you interested, please visit to Lampung right now.

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