If it is identical with Petronas Malaysia, Singapore identical with Merlion, the Batam identical with Berelang Bridge. fisabilillah tengku bridge or bridges Barelang, It is undeniable, a bridge with a length of 642 meters is not only a pride of Batam, but also become the pride of the people of Riau Islands in general. name of Barelang taken from the name of the bridge connected areas Ba-Batam, Re-Rempang and Lang-Galang. Besides the bridge is also no mention Habibie bridge. Another name for this Fisabilillah Tengku Bridge is the parent of 6 series of bridges that connect the island of Batam, Rempang and Galang (Barelang). To achieve this, you can take the city bus from various bus stops in Batam approximately 40 minutes travel time. But if you want a more private and relaxed, you can hire a taxi with around Rp. 60.000, – for a return trip. Many people there are available snacks, such as grilled corn to grilled fish.

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