This attraction is located about 4 km from the Trans-Balikpapan Banjarmasin Kasungai precisely in the village. In Goa there are approximately 30 Human Skull. It is said that the cave was a place to bury people Animist faiths before the influence of Hinduism and Islam in the Kingdom of Paser. In this area we can see the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains while passing through the drawbridge as a means of connecting to access the cave. Height of the cliff about 50 meters, and that niche is at an altitude of about 30 meters. Goa was actually just a niche in the cliff, a room with a height of about 1.5 meters, a width of 2 meters, 3 meters long.

But, at the end of that niche is still a narrow passage that no matter how long into the cliff. Karst cave in the mountain could be on the outside looks small, but is actually a hole into the belly of the Earth that is big and long. GOA contains dozens of skulls and human bones. Currently 170 ada35 skull and bones as well as a number of bone fragments.

According to Derom, villagers of the river, this time there is a skull that is stored in the Museum of East Kalimantan (Kaltim) in Tenggarong. According to residents, human bones are arranged neatly it is the bodies of their ancestors. these places are easy to find because it is located in a village located on the edge of the trans-Kalimantan Balikpapan Banjarmasin. Precisely located to the right of the road from the direction of Balikpapan to Banjarmasin.

A small hint board mounted on the side of the road. Distance from the main road to the cave about four kilometers by dirt road, but passable automobiles to the river village. The trip to the cave is located on the outskirts of the village cross two rivers and trail about one kilometer. There are two suspension bridges of wood that can be passed motors so as to facilitate travel to the cave.

No need to bother anymore to climb to the top of the cliff because it was built and the tower stairs leading to the niche containing the skull.

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