Tengger Tribe History

Hindu Tengger tribe who live in the area of ​​Mount Bromo, East Java. There are many meanings of the words contained in Tengger. Etymologically, the Tengger means standing up straight, still without moving (Java). When associated with customs and beliefs, meaning perch is tengering nobility. It means a sign that the people own nobility. Other meanings are: the mountainous area. Perch was located on the slopes of the mountain and Tengger Semeru. There is also the association of the perch with a myth about a husband and wife residents of the Tengger forerunner, the Rara Anteng and Joko Seger.

Once, in ancient times, there is a daughter of King Consort of UB with Majapahit Empire. Rara Anteng his name. As the situation deteriorated kingdom, Rara Anteng find a safer place to live. He and the star went to the Tengger Mountains. Krajan Village, he stopped a tiger, then traveled to Pananjakan. He settled in Pananjakan and started farming. Rara Anteng later adopted by Rishi Dadap, a priest who lived in the mountains of Bromo.

Meanwhile, Karachi is also a mess as a result of the political situation in Majapahit. Joko Seger, a Brahmin’s son, retired to the village of Kedawung while looking for his uncle who lived near Mount Bromo. In this village, Joko Seger obtain information regarding the people who settled in Pananjakan Majapahit. Joko Seger went on his way to Pananjakan.

Joko Seger met Rara Anteng lost and that soon led him to his residence. Arriving at his residence, Rara Anteng affair with the accused has been done by the pinisepuhnya Joko Seger. Joko Seger Rara Anteng defended and claimed it was not true, then apply the girl. Application is received. White sage Dadap approve of their marriage.

It has been eight years of marriage, but they also do not have children. They were imprisoned six years and every year to change direction. Sang Hyang Widi Wasa responded to their meditation. From the summit of Mount Bromo out bursts of light which is then infiltrated into the soul of Rara Anteng and Joko Seger. There pawisik they will be blessed with children, but the last child to be sacrificed in the crater of Mount Bromo. The couple was blessed with 25 children according to their wishes, because of the Tengger people very little. Last son named R Kusuma.

Years later, Mount Bromo release bursts of fire as a sign of promise must be kept. Husband and wife were not willing to sacrifice their youngest child. R Kusuma then hidden around the village Ngadas. But the burst of fire was reached in Ngadas. R Kusuma then go into the crater of Mount Bromo. From the sound of R Kusuma crater so that the brothers live together. He was willing to sacrifice as a representative of his brothers and the local community. He advised, each dated 14 Kesada, asking tribute crops. Another story suggests the brothers R Kusuma be guardians of other places.

Now the ceremony is known by the name Kesada. At Kesada ceremony, the shaman is always narrated the story of Joko Seger – Rara Anteng.
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