South Sumatra Province has a very beautiful waterfall, has a different beauty with the other waterfalls. Named Temam Waterfall or Temam Lubuk Linggau. With the panoramic like Niagara falls in the United States. Elongated shape and resembled a giant curtain but this Temam Waterfall is smaller than Niagara. So, the locals called Mini Niagara.

Air Terjun Temam (Temam Waterfall) is a big waterfall with a height of 12 meters and 25 meters wide, located 11 km south of Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra. The waterfall is surrounded by rocks and trees. Due to this natural beauty the waterfall is a popular destination on weekends an holidays. IF you like some peace and quite avoid the crowds by heading to Temam Waterfall during a weekday.

Temam Waterfall is derived from the flow of Temam river is still clean and natural, so no need to worry to enjoy and play water in this waterfall area. Temam Waterfall different with towering waterfalls that we usually encounter, a waterfall that is formed naturally has an elongated shape measuring about 12 meters high and 25 meters wide reach. The uniqueness of the slit-shaped stone and curved below the waterfall was much used by visitors who sit and enjoy the thrill of the fall of the water in front of them.

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