Mt Talagabodas or Mt Telagabodas (which means Mount of White Lake (refer to white crater lake) in Sundanese) is a stratovolcano in West Java, Indonesia. The volcano is about 25 km to the east of the town of Garut and is built up of andesitic lavas and pyroclastics. Fumaroles, mud pots and hot springs are found around the crater lake. Changes of the lake color occurred in 1913 and 1921.[1] The diameter of crater lake is less than 2 km and lies at an altitude of 1,720 m or 1,020 m above Garut plains.

Mt Talagabodas is just north of Galunggung volcano which attracted global attention following an eruption in 1982 that, amongst other things, caused widely reported disruption to international air travel and an emergency for British Airways Flight 9 travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Perth in June 1982.

It is a very nice and beautiful place for hiking and to know the nature from close range (natural studies). The crater is very captivating with water in the crater, which becomes the sulfur exploitation project. Tourists that intend mostly visit the tourism site to bath in the hot water, which contains sulfur. The surrounding view is beautiful, which is full of plants and tropical trees. Telaga Bodas Crater is situated 19.5 kilometers from Garut. Some 30 kilometers from Garut to the Southwest, there is Curug Orok tourism site. The tourism site is beautiful waterfall as the road to reach Curug passes tea plantation. Natural scene in the Curug surrounding areas and the atmosphere of mountainous areas with green tea plantations are the magnetic charms of the tourism site. No wonder many youngsters love to visit the site. Other activities that could be done in the site is bathing in the waterfall. It is good for tourists that seek peace or take a rest for a while from busy cities atmosphere. To reach the site, private cars and public transportation from Garut to Bungbulang could be used.


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